Artist Kelly Guidry's latest work shapes a proud and feminine home. Flanking Carrie Leonard's massive mantle are two standout pieces of art. Sisters, if you will, created from the bold hands of an artist...   
Bach Lunch is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and to mark the occasion the Lafayette Science Museum Foundation will be raffling off a piece of artwork by popular local artist Kelly Guidry. "Musique" is a mixed media sculpture designed to hang on a wall.     

IND Monthly - 2013
The Acadiana Honors Awards, bestowed annually by the Acadiana Economic Development Council.  The award itself is an original piece of art created by renowned local artist Kelly Guidry. 

Abiz - 2011
2011 - Festival International - asked to Kelly Guidry to be among the visual artists chosen for the official artwork. The 2011 festival art embodies the joy and excitement of Festival International by usuing vibrant colors and shapes.

IND Monthly - 2011
Voted one of the artist you most want in your collection (and would get in a bid war over).

IND Monthly - 2011
Kelly Guidry donates for a good cause: a benefit for The Outreach Center.